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Download the documentation: Nibbāna the Secret Treasure Part 1–3

Nibbāna is the secret treasure of the Buddhas. This series is based on 33 Lectures on Nibbāna by Bhikkhu Kaṭakurunde Ñāṇananda, the most senior and highly-realized meditation master in Sri Lanka. Dave Jacobsen makes this difficult subject accessible and understandable with his lucid commentary and deep analysis of the Theravāda Buddhist scriptures.

This is our most advanced course, and it is intended for those with significant background in meditation and the Theravāda Suttas. In fact, it is for those who are ready to realize Nibbāna for themselves. You will not be able to get the full benefit from this course without first going through our beginning and intermediate-level courses. See the menu on the left sidebar.


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