Magical Mind

The Magical Mind [PDF] is based on The Magic of the Mind by my mentor Bhikkhu Kaṭakurunde Ñāṇananda (used by permission). It gives a top-down overview of the Buddha’s teaching based on the theory of illusion, using images and metaphors from the Buddha himself.

The Magical Mind 1: Introduction

The Magical Mind 2: The Magic Show

The Magical Mind 3: The Kālakārāma Sutta

The Magical Mind 4: Sign & Symbol in Perception 1

The Magical Mind 5: Sign & Symbol in Perception 2

The Magical Mind 6: Beyond Signs & Symbols

The Magical Mind 7: Signless Themeless Meditation

The Magical Mind 8: Specific Conditionality

The Magical Mind 9: Horns of the Dilemma

The Magical Mind 10: Introduction with Ronny Jacobsen

The Magical Mind 11: the Magic Show with Ronny Jacobsen


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