Call of the Friend

This podcast series is the follow-up to Being in the World, a review and interpretation of Heidegger’s Being and Time and its relation with the teaching of the Buddha.

When one is lost in the world and struggling with his suffering, he may come upon some evidence that transcending the world is possible. He may even come to believe that someone has done it in the past, and therefore there is a possibility to contact them, or someone like them, in the present.

He thereby cultivates a certain kind of listening: listening for the sound of authenticity, truth and transcendence of the world. With this listening he can begin to hear the Call of the Friend.

The Call of the Friend actually originates in one’s own conscience, but because of the fallenness and lostness of the ordinary person in the world, he perceives it as coming from outside, or from another. Following this Call is the first step toward attaining authenticity, enlightenment and transcendence for oneself.

Click the link to go to the MediaFire player:

Call of the Friend 1: The Call

Call of the Friend 2: Conscience

Call of the Friend 3: Authenticity

Call of the Friend 4: The Friend


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