“The story of my life: I wanted the truth. I went looking for it. I didn’t let anything get in the way. I found it. Now I’m sharing it with you.”
— Dharmasar Thero

Dharmasar means ‘the essence of dharma.’ Who would guess that an obscure Taoist manuscript hidden for centuries in a Buddhist monastery would hold powerful keys to well-being and self-realization? Seriously, this ancient technique fixes everything, including the most persistent human problems of love, sex, old age, death and happiness. No exotic belief system or esoteric knowledge is required. It is so simple and direct that anyone can learn it in a few days and feel immediate benefit. Yet when practiced to completion, it delivers results far beyond more complex and difficult methods.

The Dharmasar Solution is an extended course giving you the most powerful technique leading quickly and directly to Release (first-stage enlightenment). It can be presented as a residential intensive or as weekly non-residential classes. Sessions consist of 8–10 class/practice hours a day with lunch break. Or it can be reviewed online.

The Dharmasar Solution is a very high teaching. If you’re new to Buddhist thought, you should go through the material in this order:

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Dharmasar Thero, discoverer of The Dharmasar Solution, is a post-punk monk, a lifelong sādhu. Early in life he earned a scholarship to MIT in Nuclear Physics, but gave it up to go to music school. He won the NYU Young Composers student composition contest in 1966 and ’67. This exposure led to a lucrative career as composer-in-residence with a NYC ad agency. After a few years he tired of the film and TV scene, and went west to discover a spiritual teacher. He made the rounds of the West Coast gurus and began study of raga with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

Khansahib introduced Dharmasar to a sannyāsī from Bengal, who became his spiritual master. Thereafter he lived alternately in California as a musician and writer, and India as a monk in traditional Vedic temples serving his guru. He also continued his studies of Vedic music and chanting, traveling to many countries and teaching spiritual knowledge. In 2006, he became a Vedic guru himself, establishing three centers in South India and guiding hundreds of students and followers on the spiritual path.

In 2011, Dharmasar experienced a crisis of faith and resigned from being guru to begin his search from the beginning. After more than a year of deep study and meditation, he discovered Theravāda Buddhism. He moved to Sri Lanka and was ordained as a Buddhist monk. Dharmasar lived for two years in a stone hut in an isolated mountain forest monastery, practicing intensive meditation.

In 2014, Dharmasar attained the realizations he had been searching for and finally became satisfied in his spiritual search. He now lives in reclusion at the Ridgetop Retreat.



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