Matrix Learning

Matrix Learning heals learning disabilities from enforced schooling with ontological self-education in any practical skill using duplication, understanding, simulation, ontological analysis and metacognition. Based on the Buddha’s teaching of yoniso manasikāra: reflection using a source or matrix. Note: Successfully learning and applying the other modules of The Dharmasar Solution depends on using these techniques.

Here are all the Matrix Learning podcasts in sequence.

Click on the link to go to MediaFire player. To get the best experience, download the file to your computer and view it with Quicktime Player to see the visuals.

Matrix Learning 0: Introduction

Matrix Learning 1: Duplication

Matrix Learning 2: Understanding

Clay Modeling demonstration video:

Matrix Learning 3: Ontology

Matrix Learning 4: Ontological Analysis

Protégé 4.1 ontology demonstration video:

Matrix Learning 5: Metacognition



13 thoughts on “Matrix Learning”

  1. I was with you until about 1/4 way through Matrix 1 and right after you stressed the importance of reading to myself the material being shown on the screen. That is when the text on the screen was no longer synchronized with what was being spoken. When I couldn’t fix it I stopped and e-mailed you as I could see no point in continuing since I could no longer follow the instructions as presented. I hope you can fix that. Also the Pingback sections were not available to me as I got a message saying file unavailable.

  2. I had the same experience as Larry. I am on Matrix learning 1… I went to youtube to view the video since the link here to me to audio only. At about 10:52 in the video, on the cat slide, it starts to get off sync. The words on the screen stop matching what is being said. My deepest gratitude for this amazing course! I am looking forward to going through all of the videos.

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