Mothers’ Day

My mother was a Tantric priestess in the line of Karezza. I was conceived in a Tantric ritual designed to bring a devic being into manifestation in the human world. As I sat in her womb I witnessed and participated in her deep meditations, and shared her consciousness as she focused on the cosmic light. She was like a beatnik or hippie born way ahead of her time.

Unfortunately the rest of my family were orthodox episcopalians, and became envious of my mother’s spiritual bliss and freedom. They conspired with the family doctor and minister to have her declared incompetent and committed to a state mental institution. I was taken away and adopted by my own grandmother, a legal tactic even the judge questioned. This was to prevent mother and I from suing for our share of her mother’s estate. So we were both disinherited.

My mother remained in state care for the rest of her life, until she passed on at age 84. She was never diagnosed with any psychopathy—her only fault was a loving heart and an indefatigable spirit. Much later, one of the family members admitted her role in the conspiracy and I did get a portion of my inheritance, though much too late to help my mother.

My mother was my first guru. She taught me love, patience and care. She never lost faith in me, even when I was in trouble. She always encouraged me and told me wonderful spiritual stories from her own meditative experiences. Her affection was the only thing that saved me from a life of mediocrity. She is in a very nice place now, and will also become my mother in my next and last lifetime.