Being Integrity

The material in Being Integrity builds on our earlier work. In this series there is a minimum of review; we assume that you are familiar with the earlier materials. If you do not know the technical definitions and concepts presented earlier, you will get confused and as a result, be unable to apply this material. You should study this material using the study methods given in our video series Becoming Genius. If you haven’t reviewed the Becoming Genius series yet, stop here and review them before going on.

Integrity is so important that the Buddha claimed that no one can attain enlightenment without it. But as we have seen from history, artificially imposed external virtue such as religious ethics, state legality and social morality doesn’t really alter people’s behavior. What is needed is to become a person of integrity (sappurisā), such that one’s very being is integrity, and thus integrity becomes one’s natural, spontaneous self-expression.

Preliminary Readings:

Being Integrity Readings from the Suttas

Being Integrity Readings 1-3

Being Integrity Reading 4

Being Integrity Reading 5


Click the link to go to MediaFire player:

Being Integrity 0: Introduction

Being Integrity 1: Definitions

Being Integrity 2: Preliminaries

Being Integrity 3: Discernment

Being Integrity 4: Intention

Being Integrity 5: Transformation 1

Being Integrity 6: Transformation 2


5 thoughts on “Being Integrity”

  1. I heard that ⌚️ watching videos won’t get you enlightened I watched all matrix learning and 💯 days to enlightenment they were both great 👍 series but it was to much information for me and to complex how many meditations do I have to practice daily and watching all the videos to get enlightened

    1. Hi David, thanks for your comment. It’s true that just watching videos, reading books or even hearing instructions directly from an enlightened being will not make you enlightened. You have to understand the method and do the work to reach Self-realization. No one can do that for you. The idea of Matrix Learning is to give you the tools to understand and apply the information without being overwhelmed. Human beings are complex and so becoming enlightened is also complex. It cannot be made simpler than it is. You have to become more intelligent in gaining knowledge and handing information in order to reach the goal. Good luck!

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