The Magical Mind Part 11—the Magic Show with Ronny Jacobsen

Here’s a discussion with Ronny on the principal metaphor of this series, the magic show simile first presented by the Buddha.


The Magical Mind Part 10—discussion with Ronny Jacobsen

The Magical Mind is our specially edited version of Bhikkhu Ñāṇananda’s Magic of the Mind. Click the link below to listen to this 60-minute informal discussion:

Contextual Expansion

Readers who have followed this blog for some time already know that I’m not a typical Theravada monk. I do hold the Theravada Suttas to be the purest and most complete expression of the Buddha’s teaching. But the contemporary Theravada community is simply too restrictive to support my natural range of activities.

For historical reasons already discussed here, the Theravada tradition has become too much influenced by speculative philosophy. It has also lost much of its original practice and potency. It has become churchy, christianized, although only someone like myself can see this. The locals here are in the dark because of operating in a narrow, restrictive context.

I’ve already expressed my intention to withdraw from the Theravada tradition and consider my relation with Buddhism in a broader context. I will remain a monk, but expand the context of my activities to include other teachings and practices beyond the Theravada tradition. In most cases, these are interests and practices I found beneficial before ordaining.

Don’t get me wrong: I found the secret of enlightenment in Theravada. It remains the root ontology for my personal practice and teaching work. I want to expand my view and practice to include Tantra, music, and continue my research into entheogens.

So not only will this remain the only blog by a Buddhist monk that talks about music; it will also be a place where one will find frank, wide-ranging discussions about controversial subjects like alternative sexuality, musical composition, aesthetics and the art of using entheogens to enhance meditation. Stay with us, I think you will find our expanded context refreshing.

Meditation can Change Grey Matter in 8 Weeks

meditation study led by Harvard Researchers showed that it only took eight weeks of meditation, to actually produce a physical change in the brain’s gray matter.

A total of 12 people participated in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program at the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness. They took 2 weeks off before and after the program and magnetic resonance (MR) images were taken of their brain. They also had weekly mindful meditation meetings where they were given audio recordings to practice their guided meditation, they also had to log how much time they spent meditating throughout their day.