The Dharmasar Solution

Many people have an inspiring idea or passion, but don’t know how to become what they want to be. The Dharmasar Solution leverages the core teaching of the Buddha so you can independently be, do, have, learn or become anything you envision. The Dharmasar Solution has three steps:

  1. Heal learning disabilities caused by enforced schooling.
  2. Bridge familiar western concepts with the Buddha’s teaching.
  3. Apply the core of the Buddha’s teaching: the process of becoming.

“Karma is the field, consciousness the seed, and craving the moisture. The consciousness of living beings… is established in and tuned to a refined property. Thus there is the production of renewed becoming in the future.” — Bhāva Sutta (AN 3.76)

The Dharmasar Solution helps you attain your dreams and goals with the same powerful technology the Buddha used to become enlightened. It’s a complete set of self-learning modules giving a general solution to the problems of life (see the menu at the top of the left sidebar, next to the video). We’re also building a network of partners, affiliates and coaches to help you apply the materials and get the results you want in your life.

Click here to listen to a 30-minute detailed overview of the whole package.

The Dharmasar Solution is a very high teaching. Especially if you’re new to Buddhist thought, you should go through these self-learning modules in this order:

Then finally, you are ready to tackle 100 Days to Enlightenment, which is exactly what it says.

Here’s more information about these self-learning modules:

Basic Studies

The Dharmasar Solution: A complete set of self-learning modules presenting a general solution to the problems of life: leveraging the core of the Buddha’s teaching to independently be, do, have, learn or become anything you envision

Matrix Learning: Heal learning disabilities from enforced schooling with ontological self-education in any practical skill using duplication, understanding, simulation, ontological analysis and metacognition. Based on the Buddha’s teaching of yoniso manasikāra: reflection using a source or matrix. Note: Successfully learning and applying the other modules of The Dharmasar Solution depends on using these techniques.

Being in the World: Series based on the first half of Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time, a phenomenological existential analysis of the ordinary person’s experience of life. The default quality of being in the world is anxious inauthenticity due to care about the world. The individual is misled into accepting values and choices from the Other and neglecting his own. However, following the experience of objectless anxiety to its root leads to the realization that death or nothingness, which is most one’s own, can serve as a platform for regaining authenticity.

Call of the Friend: Series based on the second half of Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time, a phenomenological existential analysis of the experience of integrity, choice and conscience. This leads to the experience of hearing the Call of the Friend, which seems to come from outside oneself but is actually the purest expression of conscience. Following this call, wherever it may lead, is the key to finding an authentic teacher and attaining actual self-realization. Our autobiographical book Forest Monastery Journal is about the experience of following this Call.

Being Integrity: Ordinary integrity is a virtue practiced by following an external standard of morality. Being Integrity means internalizing the creation of choices, basing them on one’s authentic being and the intention to reduce or eliminate suffering for oneself and others without causing dependence. Any extraordinary ability or achievement in life requires Being Integrity to be stable. Being Integrity is measurable by how well one keeps the Buddha’s Precepts, especially truthfulness.

Advanced Studies

Leading by Being: Authentic leadership is not a matter of doing or having, but being. This leadership program based on the Buddha’s teaching gives you the tools to actually become the leader you need to be to accomplish your vision. Offered only to select Partners and Affiliates.

Existential Ambiguity: Series based on Wettimuny’s book The Buddha’s Teaching and the Ambiguity of Existence. Detailed discussion of the most important fundamental concepts in the Buddha’s teaching using the language and background of existential philosophy and the methods of phenomenology and ontological analysis.

Magical Mind: Series based on Bhikkhu Ñānananda’s book Magic of the Mind. A detailed discussion of the theory of illusion in the Buddha’s teaching.

100 Days to Enlightenment: Our personal experience with and detailed presentation of The Secret of the Golden Flower, a traditional Taoist/Buddhist work from China. A practice leading to release in 100 days or less.

Nibbāna, the Secret Treasure of the Buddhas: A series on Nibbāna based on Bhikkhu Ñānananda’s 33 sermons on Nibbāna. What is Nibbāna and how to attain it.

Best wishes and good luck!


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4 thoughts on “The Dharmasar Solution”

    1. Yes, his approach is exactly the same as mine. I first learned about the Suttānta view from Ajahn Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. Unfortunately most of his followers caved to political pressure and did not continue his line. Then I studied Ñāṇavīra Thera’s writings and found lots of inspiration. Finally I encountered Bhikkhu Ñāṇananda and got the complete tradition.

      From Vimalaramsi Bhante’s bio: “‘Read only the suttas, then practice’. This was very significant because the commentaries were influencing how he was seeing the entirety of the Dhamma at the time. It was suggested to put them aside while he studied the suttas as a standalone system. Nanavira in the early sixties suggested this and then Stephen Batchelor talked about just using only the suttas in his book A Buddhist Atheist.

  1. Venerable Dharmasar Thero,
    Unfortunately, I am unable to access the websites and as mentioned in the foundation series. If there is a way to access this content, please let me know.

    We are going through your series and it is very well organized and presented in a way we can acquire. I greatly appreciate your service.
    Namo Buddhaya!

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