Secret of Concentration

People often complain, “I can’t get my mind to stay concentrated for more than a few minutes.” Well here’s a simple physical analogy that may help: meditation is like putting a ball (attention) on a table (mind). If the table is biased in any way, the ball rolls in that direction. Only if the table is perfectly flat and level (mind is equipoised and tranquil) does the ball (attention) stay put.

As soon as we put attention on the mind, it starts to act up. It becomes agitated with the thought, “I am watching my mind!” Just like naughty children and internet trolls, the best response is to ignore it. But to really get the most out of practice, it should be enjoyable. Find something in your concentration that you really appreciate and enjoy, and pay attention to that. It’s easy because interest and attention naturally follow pleasure. 

Once you become skilled, meditation is enjoyable and easy. Learning to meditate is a lot like learning to ride a bicycle. At first you may weave uncertainly and tend to fall. But with regular practice, the more skill you develop the more pleasant it will become. Just like once you learn to ride, cruising around on your bike is a pleasure. 


Published by

Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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