Morality and Goodness

Morality, virtue, ethics, legality, right and wrong are relative, temporary, mechanical.

Goodness is situational; kindness is personal. They demand mindfulness.

It is entirely possible—in fact we see it every day—for someone to be ‘moral’ or ‘right’ without being kind or good. Police officers sworn to ‘protect and serve’ all too often abuse or even kill unarmed people who did nothing harmful, just because they can get away with it. Betrayal abounds, even or especially between friends, family members and lovers. Continue reading Morality and Goodness


Integrity and the System

“Most people have had to sell themselves at some time, it just happened that I didn’t. And this is unforgivable.”

— Roberto Saviano, author of My life under armed guard (

Most of us sell out at some time in our lives. We know the System is flawed, corrupt, criminal. But we do it anyway because we want the benefits of the System’s support: convenience, money, luxury, position, reputation, power. The seductive power of the Dark Side is almost impossible to resist. Continue reading Integrity and the System