Spiritual Satisfaction

It has been a long journey, but now I am finally satisfied with my life. My spiritual path started very young—even before birth. My mother was a Tantric priestess. I am the result of an esoteric Tantric ritual, and Mother was practicing Karezza and other techniques while I was in the womb.

So it was natural that I was attracted to spiritual life, especially Tantra. In the beginning, of course, I had a theistic background. I took that as far as I could—which was quite far—before transcending it and taking refuge in the Buddha.

For some time I was a Vedic monk, and then a Buddhist monk. Now I am just myself, and that means being a musician. So there will be music, but it will be a very specific kind of music, the product of my meditation and realization.

I don’t know if my music will mean the same thing to you as it does to me—probably not, but that’s OK. Just hang around with it, and you will absorb something of its essence. It comes from beyond being and non-being, beyond ego and striving for results.

I call it ambient, but that’s just to fit it into a well-known genre. Actually it has no name or classification. It simply is, and doesn’t have to go anywhere.

Sometimes I help my friends with their spiritual lives. So if you have a question, you’re welcome to post it here in the comments, or send it my  YouTube inbox.

Music of the Silence

Let’s start at the beginning. At first there is nothing; then there is something; then it changes or goes away. There is a lot more nothing than something. In fact, something is always limited—it always has a beginning and an end—but nothing, silence is unlimited. As soon as you limit it, there is something.

So nothing, silence, emptiness, is always greater than somethingness: infinitely greater. Therefore we start from nothing, silence, and to silence we return at last. Then what is in-between? It’s whatever you want it to be.

This is becoming, this is being; this is creation and creativity. This is the world of the artist, the world of nature, of dharma. Dharma means reality: what is, the way it is, why it is the way it is. In one sense, everything is dharma.

But in another, very important sense, there are many things that seem real, but are not dharma. Like what? Names, labels, designations, abstractions, the ‘self’, ‘possession’, ‘control’, ‘profit’, ‘purpose’, ‘desire’ and many other human fabrications are illusory, not-dharma or adharma.

Most music is adharma; it feeds off other fabrications, reinforces them, enhances their apparent reality. Dharmasar means the essence of dharma. It is an experiment in creating dharma-music: music that just is, that has no place to go, no purpose, no axe to grind. Music that invites you to look at life just as it is, without embroidering.

And oh yes, music that is beautiful. Let us begin the journey.