Concept & Reality—Prologue

From Views to Vision

The sight-seer sitting on the crag is taking in a view of the landscape around him. His eyes are on the distant hills, dimly visible through the mist. Above him, an overhanging creeper is waving in the morning breeze. His view shifts from the distant scene to the dewdrop at the tip of the creeper. All is quiet and still.

The ruddy dawn breaks in through the mist. A ray of the rising sun alights on the dewdrop, and the sight-seer adjusts his perspective suitably. The dewdrop gets transformed into a spectrum—and a view gets transformed into a vision.

Before the advent of the Buddha, the seers were concentrating on as many as 62 views, but none of them saw the ‘sight’. It was just above them—so near and yet so far. They never thought that it could be in the dewdrop of their Name-and-Form, too bland and uninviting to arrest their attention. But once their gaze got fixed on it in the correct perspective to catch the ray of the dawning Buddha Sun, they saw the ‘sight’—a Vision, in contrast to Views.

From Topsy-turvydom to Wisdom, p. 1

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