Nibbāna 28: Attaining Insight

So the Buddha’s teaching inspires us to develop equanimity, turning away from the world of manifestation, impermanence and suffering by regarding it as a disease, an affliction. And he advises us to turn towards amataṃ, the Deathless, Nibbāna. This is the essence of meditation. Any effort we can invest in this endeavor is beneficial for us. Even if we can’t realize Nibbāna in this life, we can easily destroy the five lower fetters:

“Bhikkhus, there are these five lower fetters. What five? Identity view, doubt, the distorted grasp of rules and vows, sensual desire, ill will. These are the five lower fetters. This Noble Eightfold Path is to be developed for direct knowledge of these five lower fetters, for the full understanding of them, for their utter destruction, for their abandoning.” — Saṃyutta Nikāya 45.179

As soon as we destroy the five lower fetters, we become eligible to attain the suddhāvāsā—the Pure Abodes. The Pure Abodes are a group of Brahma-worlds—​​the five highest Rūpa worlds: Avihā, Atappā, Sudassā, Sudassī and Akaniṭṭhā. What are the qualifications for such a high rebirth?

“If a bhikkhu should wish: ‘May I, with the destruction of the five lower fetters, become due to reappear spontaneously in the Pure Abodes and there attain final Nibbāna, without ever returning from that world,’ let him fulfill the precepts, be devoted to internal serenity of mind, not neglect meditation, be possessed of insight, and dwell in empty huts.”
Ākaṅkhey­ya Sutta (MN 6)


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