Nibbāna 15: Discipleship is the Key

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There is a reason you can’t experience Nibbāna and reach enlightenment. ‘Buddhist’ religious organizations have simplified, distorted and obscured the original teachings of the Buddha. If this continues much longer, the practices that brought the Buddha and his original disciples to enlightenment may be lost forever.

We want a future where practitioners can reach Nibbāna ‘in no long time’, as it was during the time of the Buddha himself. It’s my experience that with proper background (Right View) and careful practice of jhāna (Right Concentration) a determined person can reach the goal in 120 days or less.

What gets in the way of this is time. Most people feel they don’t have time to read through the complete Theravāda Suttas. I read them as a monk, and it took me two years.

The same goes for practice. People think they don’t have time for the level of intense practice required to actually attain enlightenment. Well, do you have time to die? Death is inevitable. Don’t you want to do something about that?

And many people are caught up in ‘buddhist’ religious organizations that perpetuate the distortions and misunderstandings that keep them from realizing nibbāna for themselves.

But actually, you just need to understand the gist, the overview of the Buddha’s teaching. And you just need to practice in a way that multiplies the effectiveness of your practice through a synergistic combination of methods.

I attained Stream Entry in less than 100 days by studying a summary of the Buddha’s original complete teaching. And I did it independently, by practicing intensively under the direction of a realized Master.

I am just an ordinary person. Anything I have done, you can do too. I committed myself fully to discipleship with a realized Master. This relationship of discipleship is the key for real attainment.

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Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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