Nibbāna 12: Gone, Gone; Gone Beyond

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Once a fire has gone out due to exhausting its fuel, it cannot be traced. Nothing can be said about it, for it was never an independent entity to begin with. It is simply gone, and that is also all that we can say about the Sage who has gone to Nibbāna. He is called the Well-gone One (sugata) because his manner of going is good (sobhana-gamana), because of being gone to an excellent place (sundaram thānam gatattam) and because of having gone rightly (sammāgatattā):

“Bhikkhus, so long as the Well-gone One abides in the world, or the Well-gone One’s discipline is present, it is for the welfare and pleasure of many, for the compassion and happiness of gods and men. Bhikkhus, who is the Well-gone One?

“Here, bhikkhus, the Thus-gone One is born in the world, accomplished, fully enlightened, endowed with clear vision and virtuous conduct, well-gone, the knower of worlds, the incomparable leader of men to be tamed, the teacher of gods and men, enlightened and blessed. Bhikkhus, that is the Well-gone One.

“Bhikkhus, what is the discipline of the Well-gone One? He proclaims the Teaching good at the beginning, middle and end, explaining the complete and pure holy life. Bhikkhus, this is the discipline of the Well-gone One.” — Sugatavinaya, 10


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