Nibbāna 6: the Untangled Tangle

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“There’s a tangle within, a tangle without,
The world is entangled with a tangle.
Of that, O Gotama, I ask you:
Who can disentangle this tangle?” — Jaṭā Sutta

The Buddha answers the riddle in three verses, the first of which is fairly well known, because it happens to be the opening verse of the Visuddhimagga:

“A wise monk, established in virtue,
developing concentration and wisdom,
being ardent and prudent,
is able to disentangle this tangle.

“In whom lust, hate
And ignorance have faded away,
Those influx-free Arahants,
In them the tangle is disentangled.

“Where name and form
As well as resistance and the perception of form
Are completely cut off,
It is there that the tangle gets untangled.”


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Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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