Meditation Retreat in Southern Norway

Hi everyone, I will be at the beautiful FreeBird community in southern Norway until the end of August (photos below). While I’m here, I invite everyone who is interested to come here for a meditation retreat. This is not an event, but an integral part of the FreeBird Family lifestyle. So you can come and go when you want, get as much or as little support in your practice as suits you.

Although I have a lifelong background in meditation, and spent the last two years in Sri Lanka as a Theravādin monk, I don’t consider myself as a ‘meditation teacher’ but as a friend who likes to share my knowledge and experience of meditation. So you would not be limited to any particular method or style of practice.

Rather than teach, I would encourage you to study the original Buddha-Suttas and make up your own mind about what they mean. Then practice according to your own best understanding. There is no set date or price for this retreat. Since this is a co-creating community, you share according to your means. Leave a comment below or contact me for more information.

FreeBird Family Main House


View of outside rooms and trailer


Flower, herb and vegetable gardens


Jacuzzi on rear deck (clothing optional area)


Main room, used for groups


Kitchen/dining area


Downstairs room



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Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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