The Answer

The most interesting questions are ones that have no answer. Or rather, the answer is inexpressible in words and symbols, but a process of becoming. You become the answer.

For this type of question, you just have to sit with the question and not attempt to force out an answer. Any answer you get by hammering out some words with logic and reason is going to be wrong, misleading.

Instead, you sit with the question until you become the answer. This can be explained by the process of Dependent Origination we have described so many times in these pages.

But some questions transcend even this. For example, the question “Who or what am I?” requires the whole world, the whole universe as an answer. And even that is not enough. So we try again and again, and it is always unsatisfactory, insufficient.

But in the process of trying to answer it we become a Buddha. This is what is behind The Dharmasar Solution.

Published by

Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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