Cause Over Life

This is as true today as the day the Buddha spoke it:

Ānanda: “It’s amazing, lord, it’s astounding, how deep this Dependent Origination is, and how deep its appearance, and yet to me it seems as clear as clear can be.”

Buddha: “Don’t say that, Ānanda. Don’t say that. Deep is this Dependent Origination, and deep its appearance. It’s because of not understanding and not penetrating this Dhamma that this generation is like a tangled skein, a knotted ball of string, like matted rushes and reeds, and does not go beyond transmigration, beyond the planes of deprivation, woe, and bad destinations.”

In other words, people are confused because they don’t understand the actual process of causality behind their lives: why things happen the way they do. And that means they can’t take charge of their lives and manage the outcomes of their activities.

Once you see it, like Venerable Ānanda says, Dependent Origination is as clear as clear can be. The concept explains how we create the events in our life, and even the world around us, beginning with our intentions and mental fabrications.

Dependent Origination

Understanding Dependent Origination gives us tremendous control over the process of being and becoming. This is the source of the power of The Dharmasar Solution: the power to independently be, do, have, learn or become anything you envision. What to speak of this life, you can even determine what your next life will be! And beyond that, you can stop the process of becoming and attain freedom from transmigration altogether.

That’s why we can say that the end result of knowledge and realization of Dependent Origination is being Cause Over Life. That’s a big claim, but you don’t need to take it from me on faith; if you work with this material for a while, you will experience it for yourself.



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Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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