The Scope of The Dharmasar Solution

Since my whole life crashed and burned at age 64, I have been reconstructing my worldview from scratch. Instead of basing my ontology on faith as I did before, this time I grounded it firmly on observation and experience. I documented the process as I went along. The Dharmasar Solution is the result, the systematic collection of my work for over two years. 

Much of my previous work in the Vedic context still stands, but it is held in a new context: the teaching of the Buddha. Notice the scope, the breadth of this work. It includes everything necessary for a complete human existence.

There is a time for breathing out, and a time for breathing in. There is a time for celebration, and a time for celibacy. Life is incomplete without all its flavors, all its colors and feelings. That is why Tantra and rasa-tattva are also part of our studies.

Truth is, deep contemplation is impossible amidst the passionate quest for sense enjoyment, in the chaos of family life and daily business. That’s why the monastic life is important. That’s why I am a monk.

Retreat is deeply self-nourishing. Distraction is the enemy of meditation. It is vital that one focus exclusively on spiritual consciousness to make tangible progress, at least for some period of one’s life. The time of Saturn return is appropriate for this, and indeed I have seen many people enter the monastic life around age 27-30 and again at 54-60.

That said, a sexually dysfunctional person can never reach the pinnacle of creative expression. Tantra is an important part of our work. The Buddha first lived as a prince surrounded by sensual pleasures of the highest quality. I also have gone deeply into Tantra. There is a message in this: celibacy is not for those who are frustrated, but for those who are satiated.

Certainly there are errors and deviations in all religious traditions. The Theravāda tradition in which I am ordained is no exception. But I keep to myself and have my own opinion separate from the brothers who have not gone back to study the original texts and analyze their historical development, as I have.

Published by

Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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