Platforms and Apps

Windows is a platform; Word is an App. OS X is a platform; Safari is an App. The Cloud is a platform; the Internet is a platform. Whatever you build using them is an App.

The Dharmasar Solution is a platform—your dream is an App. Got it?

The Buddha discovered Dependent Origination, the process of becoming. Used ignorantly, Dependent Origination leads to suffering. Used intelligently, it leads to happiness and enlightenment. Dependent Origination is a powerful platform, with a programming language and development environment you can use to build any kind of App. Any kind of App! This makes it possible to live your dream.


In this illustration, The Flood is Dependent Origination used unintelligently, leading to suffering. The Raft, the Noble Eightfold Path, is the same process used intelligently—leading to contentment, rapture, bliss and so on.

The Dharmasar Solution is the platform of Dependent Origination expressed in the familiar terms of western existentialist philosophy, using the metaphor of a computing platform and Apps. This is a very deep subject, touching upon the very essence of what it is to be a human being. It empowers us to become and attain whatever we envision.

Worldly success and happiness are easily attainable with this platform. Once you learn how to use it, you can build any kind of App you envision. You can live any kind of dream.

Dependent Origination or the process of becoming is not a fabrication, but a law of nature, as scientific as gravity—only it applies to being. Once you attain a particular state of being, the doing and having that go along with it develop naturally, with little effort. This is because being is causative to doing and having.

For example, once an artist becomes expert at dance or music, their performance seems effortless. We don’t see the thousands of hours of practice that led to their becoming an expert artist. But that process of becoming is precisely the difference between an ordinary untalented person and an expert artist. It’s not just the time and energy invested in practice, but also knowing how to practice intelligently to attain the desired result. Once attained, the being of an expert artist automatically leads to the doing and having appropriate to that state of being.

The Flood, the process of Dependent Origination used without awareness, led to how we wound up being. We feel frustrated because we don’t know how to satisfy our desires. The Raft, the same process used with awareness of its power, is how to become whatever we envision and live our dreams.

Detailed knowledge of Dependent Origination gives us tremendous leverage over the process of becoming. The Dharmasar Solution offers you the opportunity to learn the platform, build your App, and live your dream. Welcome aboard!


Published by

Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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