The State of The Dharmasar Solution

The Dharmasar Solution is a big piece of work: a bridge from western philosophy to the teaching of the Buddha. I’ve been developing it for over two years now, and it’s nowhere near done. The basic arch is complete; to make it useful, now we have to build the rest.

What we have now is a collection of online courses. Trying to look at it objectively, these are really theory and background courses for teachers and coaches. To make them useful for most people, we will have to add a lot more practical materials.

The material we have now is very high-level. Personally, I have never had difficulty taking theoretical information and putting it into practice. However, I can understand that most people lack this skill, since it is deliberately not taught in school. In fact, this type of self-learning is discouraged, even punished in school.

Lack of the ability to apply theoretical materials is a learning disability. The specific symptom of this disability is that one requires a teacher and a class situation in order to learn. And even then, what one learns is not a practical skill, but only information.

This learning disability has to be overcome before one can get much benefit from The Dharmasar Solution. That’s why the first course in the series is Matrix Learning. Arguably, one’s possibilities in life are delimited by what one knows—especially, one’s practical knowledge: what one knows how to do. There is no lack of information, especially today; for most people, the crucial ability to transform that information into action is missing.

The next series of materials is about one’s existential relationship with the world. In fact, much of this material is drawn from Existentialist philosophy, especially Heidegger; but it is in complete alignment with the teaching of the Buddha. It forms the bridge from ordinary western life and thinking to the teaching of the Buddha.

Our idea is to engage yoga teachers and life coaches to deliver this material to their clients. They would charge for this service, and offer a small percentage to support our work. Another possible format is to make the materials available for free online, and charge a monthly subscription for coaching over Skype.

Here’s a short survey. Please let us know what you think:


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Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

3 thoughts on “The State of The Dharmasar Solution”

  1. hey
    can u tell me the order in which u shud follow da courses……….. and i watched existential ambi…. and i don follow how i is conceived in x …… i can understand i is concieved from x but not the previous one

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