Crazymaking Buddhists

The Buddha’s teaching was never intended to be turned into a religion. Actually the Buddha taught that we should not base our views on faith or belief but on practical experience. The religious aspects of ‘Buddhism’ are a later development by less enlightened people.

Ironically, putting the teaching of the Buddha into a religious context was intended to help bring the teaching to a wider audience. That may have been appropriate at the time—it’s hard to tell from this distance, over a millennium later. But at this point the religious interpretation of Buddha’s teaching is just getting in the way of its usefulness.

Imagine getting a cat to catch mice, but then keeping it in a bag. Of course a cat in a bag isn’t going to do any good at catching mice. Neither is the Buddha’s teaching much good for its intended purpose—reducing or eliminating human suffering—as long as it is kept hidden behind an obfuscating curtain of arcane religious ritual and jargon. Of course no one is going to attain enlightenment in such an atmosphere.

We aim to let the cat out of the bag by removing the original teaching of the Buddha from the suffocating context of religious tradition, bringing it out into the open air and making it accessible to everyone. That way people can directly use the advanced technology the Buddha discovered to enhance their lives.

The Buddha taught Four Noble Truths: suffering, its cause, cessation of suffering and its cause. Interestingly enough, the cause of suffering and the cause of its cessation are the same process—Dependent Origination or the process of becoming. When it is used without awareness, simply to satisfy desires, the process of becoming leads to suffering. But when it is used with deep understanding and awareness, it becomes the path to the cessation of suffering—enlightenment, Nibbāna.

Our purpose in bringing out The Dharmasar Solution is to give you the awareness and deep understanding of the process of becoming, so you can transform your life. There is no question of meditation or enlightenment as long as one is suffering from poverty, frustration and unhappiness.

The Buddha said that the Path is performed joyfully, and progress on the Path comes in and through joy. So The Dharmasar Solution is designed to help you utilize the advanced technology of the Buddha’s teaching to apply in your life, for your ultimate joy and fulfillment.


Published by

Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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