Forest Monastery Retreat

My whole life is generally on retreat, since I live alone in a cabin in the jungle. But also I take two extended retreats at a forest monastery, one around this time of year and another in the summer rainy season.

So I’ve been working extra-hard on this blog, and it’s fair to say there’s no lack of material here. Y’all have plenty to study while I’m away. If I have time I will set up some posts to publish automatically while I’m on retreat.

I intend to concentrate on my mentor Ven. Ñānananda’s books, especially his 33 lectures in Nibbāna. I’ve never encountered any explanation of Nibbāna that’s so clear and references other parts of the Buddha’s teaching so comprehensively. In fact, I have to say that his understanding is superior to any other writer I know.

His books have opened the path and made the goal clear for everyone. I can’t recommend them too highly. So look forward to whole new series of talks on Ven. Ñānananda’s talks in Nibbāna when I come back.

Budu saranai!


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Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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