Being in the World 1: Falling into the World

This is a series on Existentialism and phenomenology based on Heidegger’s masterpiece Being and Time [26-MB PDF]. This series presents an extended ontological analysis of a subject that concerns and involves us all: Being in the World. Each section of the analysis will be accompanied by a detailed Study Guide giving directions for further observation and study.

We will analyze the ontic qualities of being in the world according to the ontological criteria and phenomenological methods given in the previous series, Becoming Genius. Needless to say, a working knowledge and practical familiarity with the methods presented in our previous series will be necessary to follow the discussion in Being in the World [490-KB PDF].

Click the link to go to MediaFire player. For the best experience, download the file to your computer and use Quicktime Player, which recognizes Chapterized AAC encoding, to display the graphics.

Being in the World 1: Falling into the World



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Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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