How to Recognize Your Method

Sometimes people ask, “What are the indications that I have found a meditation method that works for me?”

First you should try any new method for at least 2–4 hours a day for three days. Without that intensity there is no way to tell. Then assuming you have given it a fair trial, there are three indications…

First: you begin to feel a different identity. You are no more the same. If the technique fits you, immediately you are a different person. Whatever you are, if the technique fits you, you immediately become a different person. This is the first indication.

So if you begin a technique and start to feel strange about yourself, know that something is happening to you. If you remain the same and do not feel any strangeness, nothing is happening. This strangeness is the first indication of whether a technique fits you. If it fits, immediately you are transported, transformed into a different person. Suddenly you look at the world in a different way. The eyes are the same, but the looker behind them is different.

Second: all that creates inner tensions and conflicts starts dropping. It is not that when you have practiced the method for years, then your conflicts, anxieties, tensions will drop—no! If the method fits you, they start dropping immediately. You can feel aliveness coming to you; you are being unburdened. If the technique fits you, you will begin to feel that gravity has become reversed. Now the earth is not pulling you down. Rather, the sky is pulling you up by the top of the head. Like when an airplane takes off—suddenly there is a pull, and gravity becomes meaningless. Now the earth has lost its grip on you, you are going away from gravity.

The same pull happens when a meditative technique fits you. Suddenly you take off. Suddenly you feel the earth has become meaningless; there is no gravity. It is not pulling you down, you are being pulled up. In religious terminology this lightness and ease is called ‘grace’. There are two forces: gravity and grace. Gravity means you are being pulled downwards; grace means you are being pulled upwards.

That is why in meditation many people suddenly feel they have no weight. Many people feel an inner levitation. So many have reported when the technique fits them: “This is strange! We close our eyes and we feel that we are a little bit above the earth. When we open our eyes we are just on the ground; when we close our eyes we have levitated. So what is this? When we open our eyes we are just on the ground! We never levitated.”

The body remains on the ground, but you levitate. This levitation is really a pull from the above. If the technique fits you have been pulled, because the effect of the technique is to make the upward pull available for you. This is what the technique means: to make you available for the force which can pull you up. So if it fits, you know—you have become weightless.

Third: whatever you do, however trivial, will be different. You will walk in a different way, you will sit in a different way, you will eat in a different way. Everything will be different. You will feel this difference everywhere and in everything. Sometimes this strange experience of being different creates fear. One wants again to go back and be the same, because one was so used to the old. It was a routine world, even boring, but you were efficient in it.

Now everywhere you will feel a gap. You will feel that your efficiency is lost. You will feel that your utility is reduced. You will feel that everywhere you are an outsider. The world has not changed; you have changed, so you will not fit. One has to pass through this transition. You will become attuned again.

So remember the third thing: When the technique fits you, you will not fit into the world. You will become unfit. Everywhere something is loose, some bolt is missing. Everywhere you will feel that there is chaos, like there has been an earthquake. Actually everything has remained the same; only you have become different. But be patient; you will become attuned again on a higher plane.

The disturbance is felt just like when a child grows and becomes sexually mature. At the age of fourteen or fifteen every boy and girl feels that he has become strange. A new force has entered: sex. It was not there before—or it was, but it was hidden, suppressed. Now for the first time he has become available for a new kind of force.

That is why young girls and boys, when they become sexually mature, are very awkward. They are nowhere. They are no longer children and they are not yet adults, so they are in between, fitting nowhere. If they play with small children they feel awkward—they feel too grown-up. If they start making friendships with adults they feel awkward—they are still children. They fit nowhere, with no one.

The same phenomenon happens when a technique fits you. A new energy source becomes available that is greater than sex. You are again in a transitory period. Now you cannot fit in this world of worldly men. You are no longer a fool, but you cannot yet fit in the world of saints; and in between one feels awkward.

If a technique fits you, these three things will come up. You may not have expected this. You may have expected that I would say you will become more silent, more quiet, and I am saying quite the contrary: you will become more disturbed. When the technique fits you will become more disturbed, not more silent. Silence will come later on. And if silence comes and not disturbance, know well that this technique is not for you; that is just getting adjusted to the old pattern.

Meditation is a transcendental science. It is not going to help you in adjustment to the world, it is going to help you in transformation. That is why I say these three signs will be there as indications. Silence will come, but not as an adjustment. Silence will come as an inner flowering.

Then silence will not be an adjustment to fit better with the society, with the family, the world, the business—no! Then silence will be a real harmony with the universe. Then a deep harmony flowers between you and the totality, then there is silence—but that will come later. First you will get disturbed, first you will become mad.

If a technique fits, it will make you aware of everything that you are. Your anarchy, your mind, your madness, everything will come to light. You are just a dark mess. When a technique fits, it is as if suddenly there is light and the whole mess becomes apparent. For the first time you will encounter yourself as you are. You would like to put the light off and go to sleep again—it is fearful.

This is the point where the Master’s help is needed. He says, “Do not be afraid. This is just the beginning. Do not escape from it.” At first this light shows you what you are, and if you continue the technique, it transforms you toward what you can be.


Published by

Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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