Holding the Course

Steadiness is one of the most important qualities in consciously creating a better future. Remaining steady gives the world time to reshape itself around us.

Steadiness is dynamic; it means to progress by enduring in our principles and abiding in what is true and correct. Steadiness is sober and humble. We should neither let the ego swell with success nor despair at misfortune, but simply hold to the path of essential truth.

Change is the signature of becoming and being in the world. At any given moment it is likely that a change has occurred, or is about to. Steadiness means it is our responsibility to hold the course and persevere regardless of changes, remaining constant and consistent in correct thought and action. Eliminating distraction, simply hold steady on the spiritual path while the world reforms around you.

Cultivate tranquillity through meditation. Don’t indulge in judgment, impatience or ambition. Create good karma by concerning yourself only with what is essential and true and good, only with what is in front of you and your correct relationship to it. Don’t allow the mind to distract you into clinging to a past that is gone, or longing for a future that never arrives. Still the mind and stay present in the here and now.

Practicing meditation, silence and detachment, sacrificing your ego and accepting the guidance of direct intuition, you become an influence on others and the world around you.

This is the nourishment and guidance we must have to fully succeed in life. While popular culture often encourages us to make aggressive demands and actions, the Buddha offers far wiser counsel. He encourages us to ignore up the incessant demands of the ego, deepen our humility and acceptance, and listen carefully to his instructions in the Suttas.

The mind is sometimes compared to a caldron used for ceremonial offerings. Your inner thoughts, whatever you hold in the caldron of your mind is your offering to the creative process of becoming. The quality of feedback and assistance you receive from the universe is determined by the quality of your offering.

If you constantly indulge in the concerns of the ego—fears, desires, strategies to control, harshness towards others—you repel the creative power of the universe and block your own nourishment. But if you consciously let go of your resistance to life and change, holding quiet and gentle thoughts in your mind, you become receptive to the continual nourishment of nature’s creative forces.

The wisest thing you can do is to still your ego through meditation and conscientiously enter into a conversation with the Buddha within. The same method can be used to influence others or achieve any worthwhile goal. By cultivating humility and acceptance, purifying your inner thoughts and concentrating on that which is good, innocent and true, you summon the power of the Creative and meet with good fortune in the outer world. This is the path of the Sage.


Published by

Dev Jacobsen

Musician, author and yogi, developer of Palingenics.

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